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Overcome fears and phobias with hypnotherapy and EFT

Does the phobia stop you from doing things that you would otherwise enjoy? Have you had enough of the fear, panic and anxiety associated with the phobia your encountering? Would you like to rid your phobias for good and get on with your living your life fully? Hypnotherapy along with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is […]

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Problems with sleeping or insomnia?

Are you having problems with your sleep, finding it difficult to get off to sleep, or only having an hours sleep before awakening or getting off to sleep, but wakening during the early hours and not being able to sleep again that night? It’s a frustrating feeling, not being able to sleep. The more you […]

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Confidence and Weight Management

I was a little nervous about hypnotherapy at first, but Bob’s professionalism and welcoming manner soon put me at my ease. He explained how the treatment worked and answered all my questions. I felt incredibly relaxed during and following my treatment and I can’t believe the positive impact my treatments with Bob have had. My […]

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Anxiety and Confidence

If you had any doubts about hypnotherapy and whether it will help you, give Bob a try He is a genuine, warm person who will put you at your ease and make you feel totally relaxed. The course of hypnotherapy that I have received has made a noticeable difference to me and has given great […]

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Running my own business, combined with my high levels of physical activity, leaves me little time for relaxation – an area that I continually struggle with. But Bob has helped me with specific relaxation techniques and strategies that have been invaluable. The work that Bob has done for me has been both enjoyable and very […]

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Hypnotherapy comes to Forest Hills, Frodsham, Cheshire

Horizon Hypnotherapy is now available in Frodsham at the Forest Hills Leisure Club.

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Believe in your confidence

On having hypnotherapy, I have felt in a completely safe place and the outcome has been what I can only describe as amazing. Changes have happened on an unconscious level and are not forced, but it works. Thank you Bob Name supplied

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Driving test? No problem

Just a big thank you for helping me pass my car theory test. Name supplied

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Smoke free and happy

Well it’s been well over 6 months now since you helped me to give up. I can’t believe it, after all those years of them being part of my everyday life, and now I hardly think about them at all. Thank you, once again, for helping me. Name supplied

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Stay focused, lose weight

I have been eating proper meals, not as much snacking. I don’t seem as focused on eating now. The best thing is that I feel sort of freer in myself and therefore happier. Thank you for helping me lose weight. Name supplied

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