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Mindful Contact in Nature (Course Success)

Yesterday was the last of an eight week ‘Mindful contact with Nature’ at the Ainsdale Nature Reserve. What a fabulous location, pine woods, walks, nature, and clearings for the Tai Chi. There was two classes, morning and afternoon, and each class was a pleasure to share my knowledge of Mindfulness and Tai Chi. Thank you to […]

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New Mindfulness course starts in Ainsdale

What a brilliant day weather wise for starting the new Mindfulness, Contact in Nature course at Ainsdale. The venue was the Nature Reserve at Ainsdale, a perfect site for teaching Mindfulness in Nature, outside with the pine woods all around us. As can be seen in the picture we had a tepee which we can […]

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Mindfulness – Contact with Nature

Today saw the final week of an eight week Mindfulness course, a course with a twist, we brought the class room outside. Actually into Whitby Park in Ellesmere Port, A lovely location with many different areas to explore and to be mindful in. There was a room we could use however I would say we were at least […]

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Mindfulness Contact with Nature

We are now four weeks into a Mindfulness awareness of nature, a new way of looking at Mindfulness, yes outdoors as much as we can. Benefits Studies show that spending time in nature e,g. parks and forests, lowers stress and improves physical and mental wellbeing. Practising mindfulness can benefit concentration and adapt your perspectives on […]

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Mindfulness -Warrington Stammering Support Group

Yesterday was the final session which was really enjoyable. Lovely to see how members of the group had taken on board different aspects of the course. Some of the comments  ‘If you were to describe the course to a friend’: Mindfulness is a great way at learning to relax more and the breathing techniques are […]

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Gratitude / Appreciation – Your Diary

If you are someone who keeps a diary, putting in the places you’ve been, people who you have met and possibly the emotions that you have that day. I would like you to add something which may help your mindfulness journey. I would like you to write down something of that day that you would […]

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Visualization – A Christmas Morning

A Christmas Morning visualization Why not take a few minutes to relax, take some time out and listen and go back in time using your imagination. Its Christmas morning for a child in the 50’s I wonder if you can bring back sights, sounds and even tastes of your childhood I would be interested in […]

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Free Audio File: Relaxing Meditative Orchard Visualisation

A visualisation of  autumn in an old orchard. Smell the fruit.   You can also subscribe for the new podcast, where you can download a new meditation every season.

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Mindfulness for Businesses, Groups and organisations

Bob is now arranging talks and for training courses to suit businesses, organizations, and groups. Whether it be an evening talk on Mindfulness or a 8 week Mindfulness stress reduction course of two hours per session, or a two-day course with a gap of a few weeks in between to give students the opportunity of […]

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Saturday Mindfulness Course

Saturday Mindfulness Courses now available On Saturday 22nd October I will be taking a new Mindfulness course which will be over two Saturdays. There will be three weeks in between giving students the opportunity of practising the techniques and tools taught in the first day. This is a great opportunity for those working Monday to […]

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