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Mindfulness -Warrington Stammering Support Group

Yesterday was the final session which was really enjoyable. Lovely to see how members of the group had taken on board different aspects of the course. Some of the comments  ‘If you were to describe the course to a friend’: Mindfulness is a great way at learning to relax more and the breathing techniques are […]

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Free Audio File: Relaxing Meditative Orchard Visualisation

A visualisation of  autumn in an old orchard. Smell the fruit.   You can also subscribe for the new podcast, where you can download a new meditation every season.

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Mindfulness for Businesses, Groups and organisations

Bob is now arranging talks and for training courses to suit businesses, organizations, and groups. Whether it be an evening talk on Mindfulness or a 8 week Mindfulness stress reduction course of two hours per session, or a two-day course with a gap of a few weeks in between to give students the opportunity of […]

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Mindfulness Course, now in Warrington

Mindfulness Matters is now holding a new Mindfulness course in Warrington The eight week course starts on Monday 14th March from 7.30pm to 9.30pm ? Quieten and focus your mind, ? Learn new techniques for coping with stress / anxiety in work or at home ? Rest and recuperate more easily (Improved sleep pattern) ? […]

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Becoming a non-smoker with hypnotherapy

In reality we all know that smoking is bad for us; in fact most people would agree that it is a danger to our health and life threatening. Maybe this is the year you have tried to become that non-smoker but given up already. With the aid hypnotherapy you now have more opportunities to make […]

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Private Health Cash Plans

Westfield Health recognises CNHC registration for reimbursement on a limited number of corporate paid plans provided by specific employers for Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology and also for those CNHC registered Massage Therapists who practise Indian Head Massage and Sports Massage. Westfield Health will also reimburse for Sports Massage provided by CNHC registered Sports Therapists who […]

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Mindfulness Refresher Evening

After a request to keep in touch and to meet up and learn more about Mindfulness and meditations after the courses finished. It was decided to run an refresher session of Mindfulness one every three months We had our first Mindfulness Refresher Morning on the 12th September. The morning was enjoyed by all who attended, […]

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Mindfulness, Course Success

July saw the latest completion of the Mindfulness Stress Reduction course  at the Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Centre in Widnes. Here are a number of students comments: “I would advise that it helped me with home and work life by making me take a step back. Its relaxing, enjoyable and lovely meeting new people.” […]

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Mindfulness in schools – latest news

University to help in major new ‘mindfulness’ study ITV news 16th July 2015 Exeter University will conduct a major new study aimed at testing whether mindfulness training can improve children’s mental health. Nearly 6,000 schoolchildren will take part in the research which will assess if paying more attention to the present moment and your thoughts, […]

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Opening times over Christmas period

Friday 23rd December 9am to 3.30pm  Wednesday 28th December 10am to 7pm Thursday  29th December  10am to 5pm Friday  30th December 10am to 5pm  Saturday31st and Sunday 1st January Closed  Monday 2nd January 10am to 12 noon Tuesday 3rd January as normal May I wish you a happy and relaxing new year, and that you keep […]

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