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Smoke free at last – Testimonial for stop smoking

A previous clients review on her hypnotherapy session to becoming happier, healthier smoke free person. I went to see Bob to stop smoking. I had tried everything else and it was my last resort, I only wish now it was my first. I was sceptical as I’d never believed it could work after 25 years […]

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Stop Smoking and Feeling Fantastic

Bob, Thank you so much for an outstanding experience. I seem to have forgotten that I smoke or that I ever did. And I feel absolutely fantastic. I’m bouncing about on a huge high, zesting for life. I had a bit of a wobble on saturday night when a bottle of wine was involved but […]

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Smoke Free X 2

Both myself and my Husband were desperate to give up smoking but with the everyday stresses of life, we found it too hard so decided to contact Bob. I have been hypnotised before for something else, however, my Husband never had and was a little apprehensive! On meeting Bob, we both felt immediately relaxed and […]

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Anxiety – Skiiing Holiday

Testimonial Hiya Bob Hope this email finds you well.  Just to let you know, I’m back from skiing and I had a fantastic time, I really enjoyed the skiing and in particular my lessons and by the end of the week I was even going down Red runs! . Thank you so much for your […]

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Testimonial- Weight, Agoraphobic, Alcohol, Anxiety

Bob Wheat    Hypnotherapy Horizons It’s difficult to know where to start… I feel, and I know,  that I am a completely different person to the one I was when Bob started to treat me.  The change in everything is quite astonishing and remarkable! From an overweight  agoraphobic making excuses to not go out, who drank […]

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Testimonial for Weight Loss

After yo-yo dieting for most of my adult life and trying every diet possible I made the decision to give weight management hypnotherapy a go as it was the only thing I hadn’t tried ! I had three sessions with Bob and honestly could not recommend him enough, during the sessions his understanding approach encouraged […]

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Recommendation: Relief from Anxiety

Thanks for the course of treatment I have just finished to help with anxiety and increasing confidence and self esteem If you had any doubts about hypnotherapy and whether it will help you,give Bob a try He is a genuine,warm person who will put you at your ease and make you feel totally relaxed. The […]

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Thank you for Reiki

Dear Bob, I would just like to write to tell you, how much you have helped me to gain confidence and move on with my life. Each time I came home from Reiki, I felt I climbed one more rung up the ladder, you gave me so much peace of mind, it gave me courage […]

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Feeling More Relaxed -Testimonial

I met Bob through Cancer support who advised me of the Reiki sessions and how this could help me after a mastectomy and reconstruction. After surgery I have been in considerable pain and discomfort. After the first Reiki session I couldn’t believe how relaxed, and calm i felt. The pain had eased, and needless to […]

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Anxious about a son’s medical condition

Hello, Just wanted to thank Bob for spending time with my son Ryan. Ryan was anxious about a medical condition he was suffering from. Bob taught Ryan some relaxation techniques that enabled Ryan to get on with his daily life without any cares or worries. Many thanks Bob. SG

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