There are all types of gambling from:

Betting , bingo, online betting, gaming machines,  even the lottery

Why do we start:

  • A bit of fun.
  • Boredom
  •  Freedom from work or family
  • It’s only a few pounds, what the heck.

Which leads to:

  • I can win it back
  • It’s my turn to win
  • I have that feeling
  • I need to pay off that DEBT.
  • Just one more time.
  • Lying or hiding this habit from other people
  • Distracts you from normal life and worries (Family and work)
  • Becomes increasingly difficult to control
  • Causes withdrawal from socializing
  • Generates a dependence for that ‘high’ when winning
  • Gambling to get out of financial debt

The problem for some people, this activity becomes a habit that moves into an addiction which can’t be easily be changed because it becomes an important part and regular activity in that person’s life.

 This addiction not only has an adverse effect on the gambler but also can drastically have a horrendous effect on the family, friends and work colleagues.

How does hypnotherapy help with a gambling addiction?

With the aid of hypnotherapy we aim to seek out the cause of the addiction, by bring the client into an altered state of awareness (similar to a dreamlike state where you can hear everything that is said) In this relaxed state the client becomes more open to suggestions, and ideas which will help to change and also look at different ways the client can help to retake control of their addiction to gambling. The hypnotherapist will attempt to help the client to break this addiction and to gain control of their life while providing the guidance and support required to amend and adjust ingrained behavioral patterns.

As part of the therapy, the client is shown techniques to reduce anxiety, stress, tension, which may help at times of a potential relapse

And who always wins …….the promoter (how many times have you seen a poor bookie or a casino operator or a gaming machine company  go bankrupt?)

The only way to win is to change those thought patterns.

With over 4 years experience as a hypnotherapist, I combine hypnotherapy with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and in some cases with Auricular Acupuncture. With the help of these therapies we can build your inner strength and resources  to make you feel more positive, more in control, whilst feeling calmer and more relaxed.

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