For anyone facing the prospect of a stay in hospital and a surgical intervention, this will be a major event in their life. One that can be filled with anxiety, emotions, negative thoughts and fears.

Hypnosis can play an important role in helping to create a positive mental outlook for any patient having surgery. Hypnotherapy can help the client to undergo surgery in a much more relaxed and positive state of mind. It will not only help the client to cope better physically with the demands of surgery, the chemical anaesthetics and help towards quicker recovery, which could mean a shorter stay in hospital.

Hypnotherapy can also assist the patient to undertake and maintain a new healthy life style recommend by their medical team, i.e. reducing weight, smoking, alcohol and exercise.

Patients who are more relaxed and show a more optimistic outlook, recover more rapidly and can decrease levels of post-surgical infection, which could lead to a shorter stay in hospital.

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