Isn’t it frustrating when you know that you are bright enough, however you are unable to perform in exams? For some, exams mean constant and chronic stress and the disappointment and dread at not achieving our full potential.

Can you identify with butterflies in the stomach, feeling short tempered, sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, panic attacks, lack of concentration whilst studying/revision, usually lack of sleep and appetite issues?

No matter what educational stream you are in, everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy. Exam nerves can affect anyone, no matter how much they’ve prepared, as minds can cloud over with anxiety!

So how can Bob help you with your revision and your examination nerves?

Hypnotherapy can make a huge difference to how you feel about studying for that exam as well as how you feel on the day of the examination. You will find yourself becoming more relaxed, being able to concentrate and focus on the revision, soaking up more information and storing it deeper. Calm and confident with yourself on the day of the exams and you can approach every exam with a calmness you might have never imagined yourself being capable of.

1. Addressing your avoidance of studying (there’s always something that needs your attention, going on face book, shopping, the garden needs attention).

2. Removing revision stress and anxiety. When you move those stressful negative thoughts out of your mind, the ability to concentrate improves considerably. Just imagine how much you would learn if you were able to focus your complete attention on your revision notes without being distracted or stressed.

3. Freeing yourself from nervous tension out of the body and the mind on the day of the examination. Being able to focus and concentrate more clearly on the examination paper.

4. Changing negative thought patterns and projections, into setting realistic goals and feeling more positive about what you want to achieve.

Bob will use hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT techniques, to help to achieve a positive result. Each client will require an individual programme.

‘Change Tomorrow Today’


Hypnosis  is a safe, effective way to change your lifestyle and routine, so that you can feel happier and more confident.

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