A common problem at interviews (or before) is the fear of failing. Even being the best candidate on paper, doesn’t change the fact that a person must perform well at the interview. Nerves, stress, anxiety can change the interviewer opinion.

  • To help improve your chances, you may decide to:
  • Research the company and the people who will be interviewing.
  • Go over the interview, maybe in front of a mirror.
  • Use a breathing exercise.

However the more you think of the interview coming up, the nerves, and the mind chatter, ‘the what ifs’ come to mind. Can I do the job, will I be able to say the right words, will they like me and there is probably someone better than me.

If the answers to some of the above thoughts are true, why not take a fresh approach.

Hypnotherapy can help:

  • To feel more relaxed, less tense before and during the interview
  • Allow you to focus on the questions being asked
  • More confident about yourself
  • An improvement in your ability to express yourself
  •  A better quality nights sleep

What is this job worth to you?

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