Recently on a BBC news report, Dr Peter Naish, President of the Royal Society of Medicine’s hypnosis section stated that there is more and more evidence showing Hypnotherapy to be far more effective than placebo and being very useful in treating depression, IBS, pain and anxiety.

Dr Naish:

Hypnosis will really help pain…the brain doesn’t change that dramatically but the effects can be potent.

On a BBC breakfast programme the same day, they showed Ivan Capler who had hypnotherapy when he was diagnosed with cancer. It made him feel more positive and involved in his treatment.

He said:

Yes there is the purely chemical treatment that you have and then on the other side there is also the looking after the person as a whole and the person may have a number of needs. So it’s like pastoral care and if this can help the person cope with the treatment then it surely will help them get better.

It was also reported on the programme that hypnotherapy is already used in the country for women who are preparing to give birth. Also stating that it is used in the treatment of cancer, depression and even IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Advocates say that it should be regularly available for more patients to relieve pain and stress. There are however concerns. The Royal Society of Medicine wants hypnotherapy to be properly trained and regulated. If they are, they say that hypnotherapy could be a useful tool alongside main stream medicine.

As more and more evidence is coming through showing that hypnotherapy can help with certain medical conditions, now is the right time for the NHS to look for ways of assessing these benefits by allowing hypnotherapists to take part in clinical trials / studies and produce factual evidence, which can then show how well hypnotherapy can help in assisting the medical profession. This will almost certainly produce cost benefits to the NHS, however the drugs companies may not be too happy with the findings.

During hypnotherapy sessions with my clients, I have seen a remarkable change in their quality of life. Hypnotherapy is not the miracle cure, but given by a qualified hypnotherapist a client can be helped with certain medical conditions. It is welcomed that medical bodies are now looking at how hypnotherapy can be used more widely in the NHS.