With the new year commencing, a new start and another time to make those resolutions, why not use hypnotherapy to help you achieve your goals.

The most common resolutions are for weight loss, stopping that cigarette habit, or trying to become healthier and less stressful.

Why not try something different this January, Hypnotherapy could be your answer to attaining  your objectives.

We use hypnotherapy to work powerfully on changing your subconscious attitudes towards food, giving you more control over your eating habits. This will help stop you snacking, assist you to eliminate boredom, comfort and emotional eating, and help you to reduce your portion sizes. You will soon be making healthier nutritional choices and find that you have so much more energy and motivation to exercise.

Make it easier to lose that extra weight with hypnotherapy …….not with dieting / slimming (you’ve tried that already)

If you wish to change your life in the New Year, Hypnotherapy may be able to help with other issues that might be holding you back:

  •    Anxiety
  •    Weight Management
  •    Interviews calming/focusing
  •    Help with the Driving / Theory Test
  •   ConfidenceBuilding
  •    Fear of Heights / Insects /  Flying
  •    Eczema
  •    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  •    Stop Smoking
  •    Procrastination
  •     Improving the Mental Side of Golf
  •    Chocolate Addiction
  •    Stress Relief
  •    Problems Sleeping
  •    Nail Biting
  •    Pre-Medical Procedure, Relaxation
  •    Pre-Dental Treatment, Relaxing
  •    Fears + Phobias
  •    Plus much more

To discuss or to book a hypnotherapy session call Bob today, and make this resolution a success this coming year.

Now available in Warrington, Widnes, Frodsham, Runcorn, Lymm and Kingsley, Lowton, Cheshire.