Drinking Alcohol

  • Is drinking alcohol becoming a serious habit?
  • Something that might have crept up on you, over a period of time?
  • Has it become a routine to come home from work and open the wine?
  • Has the treat of a glass of wine turned into a necessity most nights?
  • Is the drinking affecting your sleep?
  • Are you waking up the following morning lethargic?
  • Are you not socializing as much because of the drinking habit?

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • To reduce the cravings to drink alcohol
  • Help to build your confidence and Self-esteem
  • To look at triggers which have drawn you to alcohol?
  • Looking at any emotional problems that could be preventing you from reducing /stopping drinking in the past.
  • Changing your life pattern, so that the need/ want / habit for alcohol is replaced with a more positive outlook on your life.
  • Understanding why alcohol has become a problem and learning techniques to replace the destructive behavior,and help change a person’s lifestyle.
  • Create different feeling towards alcohol

So, if you enjoy a bottle of wine  EVERY night or glasses of spirit, now is the time to take control of that drinking habit before it becomes a major problem?

Hypnotherapy can help you to take control of your habit, putting you in an improved frame of mind, feeling stronger both mentally and physically, so that you have more control in your life, feeling happier / calmer and finding other things to do in your free time.

Why not change this habit today before IT takes control of your health and life.

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