Stress, Tension, Anxiety

Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Reduce anxiety and stress in our busy lives. In today’s modern hectic society we are finding that stress is coming from more and more areas of our life, causing tension and anxiety. In work we are expected to take on more responsibility, spend more time at work, maybe having to take work home. Sometimes we are expected to work for less money. Jobs are now more precarious, a job for life is now a thing of the past. Maybe we are looking over our shoulder wondering if someone is trying to take our place. Even trying to get to work can be a horrendous experience, traffic, public transport.

At home financial constraints are more prevalent, the cost of living is rising quicker the wages. Expectations from family members may be higher. Relationships can be fragile or break down.

Any or all of these can cause a significant impact on the quality of life and well-being for the person and those around them. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks.

Anxiety, stress, and tension could be for a short term, if we have a special event coming up:

  • Celebration – Wedding, Christmas, Birthday,
  • A new member of the family may be the birth of a child.
  • Going for a new job, the interview or ‘can I really do the new tasks’
  • Having to give a presentation or speech at work or a social occasion
  • Taking an exam, revising for an important test. Such as a driving test for instance.
  • Dealing with a medical issues, cancer, heart disease,
  • Buying or selling a house
  • Holidays, fear of flying, sailing, insects.

However, for some people, stress and anxiety can be a long term problem, causing ill health, problems with their quality of sleep, digestive issues.

How does hypnotherapy help me?

During the consultation Bob will assess your stress levels and anxiety, trying to find the root causes whether it may be a physical issue, a situation, something that has happened in the past or may be a situation that may/could happen in the future.  Or a relationship issue.

Next to assess how you would like to change, how you wish to feel, also what you would do differently if the stress levels and anxieties were to be reduced. We will then work with you to move toward making these changes happening, using a number of techniques ranging from hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

After the hypnotherapy sessions, you may feel more confident, more in control, relaxed in situations that caused you concern. Many clients have said they feel calmer, more relaxed, a better clarity of thought. Being able to assess the situation in a more focused way that allows for improvement in decision making.

Talking to a hypnotherapist can help to combat stress and anxiety in a number of ways. As well as identifying and dealing with the root causes of your anxiety and stress, it can also help you to manage certain bad habits and behaviours that are working against treating stress, like overeating, smoking, drinking a poor night’s sleep.

Why not drop Bob an email or pick up the phone and call Bob in confidence. He will be happy to help. In the mean time check out the reviews of what previous clients have said about their hypnotherapy sessions with Bob.

For more information on stress click on the link from the NHS website