In our minds, we all know and understand that we should have a healthy diet and to take regular exercise to achieve a healthy and trim body. However at times our best efforts at controlling are eating, those tempting cakes, sweets, crisps, chocolate etc causes us to fall by the wayside and go back to those unhealthy eating habits and overeating habits.

The majority of overeating is due to emotional issues, stress, anxiety, boredom, giving ourselves a treat or reward. We eat even when we are not physically hungry.

We can tell ourselves that we mustn’t have certain foods. Our mind is then permanently thinking of that food. It’s like the saying ‘Don’t think of pink elephants’ and what is in the back of your mind. You’ve got it ‘Pink Elephants’ our brain automatically focuses on what we think about even if we are telling ourselves not to think about it.

People with eating and drinking issues usually have a number of other issues which influence their unhealthy eating habits, a number of them may be listed below:

* Inaccurate self and/or body image

*  Boredom

*  High-stress levels both at home and work

*  Lack of motivation to exercise

*  Anxiety

*  Bereavement

*  Poor self- confidence

*  Low self-esteem

*  Lack of, or weak willpower

*  Guilt

*  Loneliness

*  Lack of awareness of correct portion sizes in our ‘super-size’ culture

The word diet can be a depressing word, the thought of giving up all those comforting, sweet, tasty foods can start to play on your mind. May even stop you from socializing, as food can be a big part of how you socialize with friends and family. You may try the latest diet, starving yourself of the foods you love and then eating / drinking substances that you would never normally eat. For what, a  fewer pounds which after a short while will come back to you or even more weight, once you’ve given in and started back to the old habits.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a very effective way of changing your thoughts and habits in relation to eating.

How can hypnotherapy help you change?

* Reducing the need to snack in between meals

* Feeling calmer and enjoying making healthier choices at meal times

* Free your mind from persistently thinking about food

* Feel more confident about YOU

* Be more motivate with regard to exercise

* Eat slower and leaving food on your plate

* Stop emotional and comfort eating

* Lose weight easily and effortlessly with a happier frame of mind

Hypnosis for weight loss is a safe, effective way to change your lifestyle and routine. So that you can feel happier and more confident regarding your body weight and your new eating practices.

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