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Improve Golf PerformanceDo you know what it feels like to be in “The Zone”? To feel the smooth flow of perfection during a golf swing?

Research into this flow state – The Zone – found mind coaching can improve golf performance. And not just that – the study also found mind coaching increased the feeling of being in The Zone for the golfers in the trial.

Arnold Palmer knows the mind is the key to your perfect golf performance, describing golf as a game that is

“20% physical, 80% mental”.

Mind coaching can help unlock the door to your true golfing potential by helping you discover the tools necessary to enhance your golf performance.

How does it work?

Around 90% of our mental activity takes place in the subconcious mind. Hypnotherapy works directly with this part of the mind to overcome unhelpful thought patterns. Visualisation and relaxation help to re-associate positive performance markers in the mind translating to a more focused, flowing, enhanced golf game.

If you want to improve your golf performance in Warrington, Widnes, Runcorn, or Frodsham, contact  Hypnotherapy Horizons to find out more. 01925 860892 or 07507 013283

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