After a fruitful and enjoyable course the students gave the following feedback on the course which finished on the 17th November:

Learning there are other people within the group that feel and think as I do has been a real comfort and support, as it can be very isolating. I enjoyed the sound session and the picture and flowers.

The course itself was beyond reproach, brilliant!  Learning how to shut out ‘mind chatter’ any place anywhere. Really lets you relax and switch off even if only for a few minutes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Lovely group of people and I have been able to take lots of ideas from the course which I will endeavour to keep up.

Many thanks

All of it. The deep breathing techniques were really useful and I use them most days now. I am much more mindful and feel much more relaxed.

Breathing exercises, mindful listening, cloud watching, colours or what makes me smile all useful. Also enjoyed tai Chi. Breathing exercises particularly helps me get off to sleep. Thanks for the recording of waves, also very good for meditating.

The meditation and breathing exercises really helped me to relax and learn how to control my anxiety.

As a godsend! It has saved my anxiety levels from taking over and really troubling me

Its supportive ‘me time. At its most simple, it’s learning to live in the moment and not worry about the past or future… It quietens the mind and helps you be more effective in dealing with life.

A way to calm your mind of all the ‘chatter’, better control, less stress. Put life into perspective.

Being in a group – lovely to share experiences and get support and encouraged meditation. Especially being led by you – easy to do. Tai Chi – a revelation.

As a step off the world to allow time for relaxing and cope with the challenges of a hectic world. Relaxing

The next course will be starting on 11th April in Warrington and 19th April in Widnes  with further courses starting in May and June.

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