University to help in major new ‘mindfulness’ study

ITV news 16th July 2015

Exeter University will conduct a major new study aimed at testing whether mindfulness training can improve children’s mental health.Children will be tested to see if mindfulness makes a difference to their mental healt

Nearly 6,000 schoolchildren will take part in the research which will assess if paying more attention to the present moment and your thoughts, feelings and the world around you, can help stave off depression.


The £6.4million research programme will be carried out by teams at the University of Oxford, University College London and the Medical Research Council (MRC) Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, in collaboration with the University of Exeter, over seven years. It will involve students aged 11 to 14 at 76 schools.

It aims to build young people’s resilience to see if this will help prevent mental illness developing.

What this project is trying to establish is whether teaching teenagers mindfulness techniques can improve their attention and resilience, two key skills for maintaining good mental health.


The three-part study includes the first large randomised control trial of mindfulness training compared with ‘teaching as usual’. 38 schools will train pupils in mindfulness, and 38 will act as a “control”, teaching standard personal, health and social education lessons.

The trial is expected to begin late next year and will run for five years, including a follow-up period of two years for each student.

Researchers will also look at whether it has an effect on social relationships, school attendance, and academic achievement


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