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Becoming a non-smoker with hypnotherapy

In reality we all know that smoking is bad for us; in fact most people would agree that it is a danger to our health and life threatening. Maybe this is the year you have tried to become that non-smoker but given up already. With the aid hypnotherapy you now have more opportunities to make […]

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Smoke Free X 2

Both myself and my Husband were desperate to give up smoking but with the everyday stresses of life, we found it too hard so decided to contact Bob. I have been hypnotised before for something else, however, my Husband never had and was a little apprehensive! On meeting Bob, we both felt immediately relaxed and […]

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Testimonial- Weight, Agoraphobic, Alcohol, Anxiety

Bob Wheat    Hypnotherapy Horizons It’s difficult to know where to start… I feel, and I know,  that I am a completely different person to the one I was when Bob started to treat me.  The change in everything is quite astonishing and remarkable! From an overweight  agoraphobic making excuses to not go out, who drank […]

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New Year Resolutions (HELP)

New Year Resolutions A New Year is a time of self-examination, reflection, hope and change. With the New Year just around that corner it is a perfect time to look back over the previous twelve months. A time to pause, ponder, reflect on areas of your life you would like to change or improve in […]

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Smoking on the way out

I found it to be very relaxing and soothing, Bob was very easy to speak too, listened intently and give me some good advice. I’ve not smoked since, but I am still smoking my e-cigarette at the moment but am still cutting down to lower MG percentages so it’s looking up . I’ve also been […]

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Not Drinking in Moderation……….

Drinking Alcohol Is drinking alcohol becoming a serious habit? Something that might have crept up on you, over a period of time? Has it become a routine to come home from work and open the wine? Has the treat of a glass of wine turned into a necessity most nights? Is the drinking affecting your […]

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Addictions: Gambling

There are all types of gambling from: Betting , bingo, online betting, gaming machines,  even the lottery Why do we start: A bit of fun. Boredom  Freedom from work or family It’s only a few pounds, what the heck. Which leads to: I can win it back It’s my turn to win I have that […]

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