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Reduce anxiety and stress in our busy lives.

Reduce anxiety and stress in our busy lives. In today’s modern hectic society we are finding that stress is coming from more and more areas of our life, causing tension and anxiety. In work we are expected to take on more responsibility, spend more time at work, maybe having to take work home. Sometimes we […]

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Successful Mindfulness Course

This Wednesday saw the completion of the Mindfulness Stress course at the Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Centre in Widnes. With it being first first course at the centre all fees were donated to the Cancer Centre. Students comments: “Very beneficial – helps to organise your mind and your life” “Time and space to learn […]

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Colour Therapy

  Colour Area of the body Represents Violet Crown of the head Connection with universe Indigo Middle of the forehead Understanding Blue Throat Communication Green Heart Love Yellow Solar plexus Power Orange Lower abdomen Emotions, sexuality Red Bottom of the spine Grounding   What is Colour therapy?   Colour Therapy or chromotherapy¬†is a complementary therapy, […]

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Publicity for Horizon Hypnotherapy

An article which appeared in the Halton Borough Council Intouch Magazine. New Horizons for former HBC Employee Tai Chi, a gentle form of exercise which releases tension from joints and increases energy levels, has been helping HBC staff de-stress over their lunchtime. The lunchtime class at Stobart Stadium is just one of the services provided […]

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