I endured a very long period of depression and anxiety which was brought about by a lot of radical changes at work, lots of responsibility, awkward shift patterns, lack of freedom. And at 53, having been institutionalised in the same job virtually all my life, I was having a crisis of confidence. At the time I felt so low that it was treated with a slight degree of sceptism from me when someone suggested trying hypnotherapy. But being open minded I decided to give it a try.                         
I couldn’t have been more wrong!
I met Bob at his office in the Stobart Stadium, Widnes he’s very gentle, caring and attentive – listens and notes everything you tell him.
He used a very subtle approach at instilling the right thoughts in my subconscious, which helped me to figure out my problems for myself. I only needed three sessions with him, he’s restored my self confidence.
Okay, there will always still be “Monday mornings” to deal with, but the anxiety has gone.


Thanks Bob.