Both myself and my Husband were desperate to give up smoking but with the everyday stresses of life, we found it too hard so decided to contact Bob. I have been hypnotised before for something else, however, my Husband never had and was a little apprehensive!

On meeting Bob, we both felt immediately relaxed and excited with the thought that this could hopefully be the last day we had a cigarette! My husband went first and said it was the most relaxed he had ever felt, then it was my turn. I can’t remember the whole thing but do remember parts and being totally relaxed, calm and comfortable in the presence of Bob. After we, we chatted about our session and both agreed that we no longer felt the urge for a cigarette which was a feeling we both had dreamed of.

We are now in our fourth month since the treatment and are officially non-smokers. We have not had a cigarette since having the treatment and are reaping the rewards not just financially but with our health too! There were a few moments in the first month when we felt like a cigarette but the urge soon passed and we are so proud of ourselves.

We could not have done it without the help of Bob and I totally recommend him to anyone who requires his help.

Thank you Bob!

Cheshire (April 2015)