Thank you so much for an outstanding experience. I seem to have forgotten that I smoke or that I ever did. And I feel absolutely fantastic. I’m bouncing about on a huge high, zesting for life.
I had a bit of a wobble on saturday night when a bottle of wine was involved but I havent wavered since then.
I only needed the tapping on saturday but I couldnt remember what to say, so I just made it up or did it silently.
I get the odd craving during the day, but I dont know what it’s for. You seem to erased my memory on all things related to cigarettes. Fantastic!
Also, I recall that you referred to the colour red, but I cant remember what the outcome of this sight is. Care to illuminate me? I’m surrounded by red pipes and red overalls at work.
Why dont they recomend hypnotherapy on the NHS? The Champix was rubbish compared to this.
Have a lovely day.